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Robert W. Burrage and RWB Construction Management Respond to Hurricane Dorian

It’s times like this when we find out exactly what we’re capable of under strict time limits and tense circumstances. A week ago, we were looking at a projected Category 4 hurricane, possibly making landfall right on our doorstep. For several of our clients, who have oceanfront property, that is a literal statement.

One of the craziest decisions to make is when to “pull the trigger” for high impact preparation. You don’t want to jump the gun because these storms are very difficult to predict more than 48 hours out. So, depending on how much you need to do, you need to back into your time frame with precision and nerves of steel. This requires experience, quick thinking and a team whose tireless dedication is nothing short of remarkable. Fortunately, for RWB clientele, Robert W. Burrage is that guy, with that team.

Within a few days, the RWB properties were secured and client’s concerns were addressed. The team didn’t stop there, however. Under Robert W. Burrage’s direction, the RWB office and homes of all the team members were buttoned up and gas tanks were filled. When the work was finally completed, the team dispersed to await the storm…and wait, we did, seemingly forever.

Now, as we are out of danger, we watch Dorian skirting up the coast of northern Florida and beyond. This time south Florida escaped, unscathed, except for some serious beach erosion. Once you get the “all clear”, the workload doubles as you get properties back to normal and get back up to speed on your current projects.

Every storm gives us more knowledge and the opportunity to fine-tune our storm protocol. We know how fortunate we are to be at this point in our post-storm operations. For our Bahamian neighbors, we have already linked with a group who will be taking provisions to help in this time of extraordinary need. It’s mind-boggling to think what they have endured and how close we were to that horror.

So that’s the true lesson to take from this. These storms do what they do, and current technology can predict only so much. We are hugely thankful for the outcome for south Florida, and that our RWB clientele are safe and know they can depend on and trust the ability and judgment of Robert W. Burrage and the RWB Team now and in the future.

Sound ROI: Proper Maintenance of Oceanfront Estates with Robert W. Burrage

The affluent are drawn to the prestige of South Florida oceanfront property because of the exquisite surroundings, mild winters and impressive investment value to be found here. For many, these sprawling estates are one of the multiple residences and are not inhabited year-round. Knowing that their property is being tended and cared for in their absence is of the utmost importance to these discerning homeowners. Robert W. Burrage, the owner of RWB Construction Management in West Palm Beach, Florida, emphasizes the importance of maintenance for luxury oceanfront estatehomes.

Invest in a Reliable Estate Maintenance Company

For optimum protection of your property, an oceanfront estate is best cared for with a customized schedule of on-going maintenance. The weather and atmospheric conditions these structures and surrounding amenities are exposed to require a well-designed program of cleaning, protection, and testing of equipment. The unrelenting sun and salt air, above all else, are the most pervasive and unavoidable culprits. Trusting your home to RWB Construction Management’s Maintenance Team, whose members have the hands-on knowledge of time-tested techniques and products, will serve the structural integrity of your home while bringing you the best results and invaluable peace of mind.

About Robert W. Burrage

Robert W. Burrage served in the United States Marine Corps for four years before graduating from Everglades University with a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. He gained 13 years of experience in the industry to develop managerial leadership, then went on to acquire RWB Construction Management. As the owner, Robert W. Burrage has a hands-on management style. He continues to keep the company at the forefront of the Luxury Estate Homes Concierge Builder Industry. To see their portfolio of luxury estates, visit

Robert W. Burrage and RWB Construction Complete Contemporary-Tropical Luxury Estate

A one-of-a-kind masterpiece for Frank McKinney is constructed by Robert W. Burrage and RWB Team.

It’s rare to see new home construction in South Palm Beach, Florida as an available oceanfront property is highly sought after in this exclusive area. However, one state-of-the-art masterpiece, recently built by RWB Construction Management, has been making headlines for its stunning design.

“Having created many beautiful direct oceanfront homes over the last 28 years I can unequivocally state that Robert and his team are the absolute best in the business.” – Frank McKinney

Frank McKinney, a renowned real estate market developer, is retiring after a successful, lengthy career. To ensure the success of his final work of art, McKinney contracted Robert W. Burrage and the team at RWB. This was the fourth and final such collaboration. The luxury oceanfront mansion is located at 3492 S. Ocean Blvd. and is currently priced over $15 million.

The 7,366 square foot home sits on 100 feet of oceanfront property with easy access to the beach. Floor to ceiling windows provides breathtaking vistas from every level. It will be sold completely furnished with a variant blue and neutral color theme throughout. The three-story residence has five large bedrooms and five baths. Four of those bedrooms boast eastern/ocean exposure providing privacy and seaside ambiance.

Robert Burrage fulfilled McKinney’s “tropical modern” vision through luxurious details that are unique to the property. A “water walkway” with waterfall features leads to the front entry and an oceanfront entertaining area. A 50-foot infinity-edge pool eases the eye toward the ocean, transforming the outdoor living space into part of the view itself.

Inside the home, frequent splashes of aqua and marine blue fuse perfectly with the ever visible oceanscape just beyond the glass. The Team was also able to include an extraordinary indoor jellyfish sphere that has a touch tank and a living-reef aquarium. Another outstanding feature is the rooftop lounge, which is perfect for entertaining guests on a balmy South Florida evening. But first, they’ll be enthralled by their ride in the ocean view elevator, which is “encased in a glass wine room and bar.”

Robert W. Burrage and his team at RWB Construction Management truly exceeded all expectations. To see their portfolio of luxury estates, visit

Robert W. Burrage Supports Foster Families in Palm Beach County

Growing up isn’t always easy, especially without a stable homelife. As children in foster care wait to return to their families or be placed in a permanent home, they must continuously adapt to new caregivers, rules, and neighborhoods. While instability is challenging for children, it can also be challenging for foster parents who must provide specialized, situational care.

To help make a difference to foster families in West Palm Beach, Florida, Robert Burrage is committed to volunteering his time and resources. In May of 2017, Robert Burrage contacted Place of Hope to donate a play set to a foster family in need. He was introduced to Silvia, a single foster mom who was caring for two young boys at the time.

In addition to the playset, Robert Burrage and his RWB Team spent two full days working to makeover Silvia’s backyard. She was gifted with new sod, lighting, outdoor furniture, hammocks, and lawn maintenance equipment. The boys were ecstatic with the new playset and shiny new power wheel car. They were so excited with the magical transformation, they referred to their backyard as “the park”.

The generosity of Robert Burrage doesn’t end there. In fact, over the past two years, Robert Burrage continued to invest his resources and time into each foster child in Silvia’s care. To help instill a feeling of childhood wonder, the children were happily surprised with ice cream trucks at birthday parties and Christmas light shows. Robert also attended a “Dads take your child to school day” with one of the boys. In addition, Robert Burrage and his fiancé helped with cleaning the house and car while Silvia recovered from surgery on her foot.

“His intentionality for the foster children in our community is unmatched, and it hasn’t been limited to just us: countless foster families in Palm Beach County have been blessed by his generosity and loving ways,” said Silvia.

Over the past few Christmases, Robert Burrage has ushered several foster families into the spirit of the season with his support and resources, ensuring that these loving, deserving foster parents and amazing children are able to enjoy the holiday without financial concerns.

Due to his background, Robert Burrage is forever inspired to add more to the lives of those around him. His philanthropic endeavors reflect his inherent generosity and concern for others. Robert Burrage looks forward to exciting new projects at RWB, and the creative ways he will be able to use his success to impact others positively.

About Robert W. Burrage

Robert W. Burrage served in the United States Marine Corps for four years before graduating from Everglades University with a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. He gained 13 years of experience in the industry to develop managerial leadership, then went on to create RWB Construction Management. As the owner, Robert W. Burrage has a hands-on management style. He continues to evolve the company while keeping it at the forefront of the Luxury Estate Homes Concierge Builder Industry.